NYC Visitor's Guide | Things to do in NYC

Whether you're visiting New York City for the first time or if you're a seasoned visitor to the Big Apple, soon after choosing your NYC Hotel, you want to know about the many 'Things to do in NYC'.

The Park Lane Hotel is a Central Park Hotel ideally located in the heart of NYC and just blocks from many of the best NYC Things to do.

No matter what your interest may be, you will never be without something fun and exciting to do; New York Museums, Broadway Theater, NYC Restaurants, New York City Shopping, NYC Attractions, NYC Activities, New York City Tours, Things to do in NYC & more.

We've created our New York Visitor's Guide to provide you with a best of the best recommendations and some surprise selections as well. Take a few minutes and browse the following sections of the NYC Visitor's Guide: NYC Restaurants, NYC Shopping, NYC Attractions, & NYC Activities.

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